I came across this stand at a local little festival and figured what the heck for $20 it’s worth a try! I knew I was throwing at least that much food away possibly a week! It was the best $20 I ever spent. It’s great knowing my hard earned money isn’t going in the garbage on wasted, healthy food. I wonder where this product has been my whole life and everyone should have these magic carpets in their refrigerator! I will forever be a customer!!!
— Jen in Bethlehem, PA

          Eat Fresh! Waste Less! Save Money!

Crisper Carpet is NOT just for lining your refrigerator crisper drawers. It has a job to do. Keeping your produce FRESH longer! 

Not a Bag! Not a Ball! Not a Foam Pad!

Just $19.99. Lasts 6 Months!

That's a little over $3/month to save hundreds of $$$* in wasted produce a year!!!

How Does it Work?!?

Crisper Carpet regulates the moisture content of your refrigerator crisper drawers while capturing and neutralizing harmful ethylene gas that is emitted from produce as it ripens. Ethylene gas is what leads to spoilage.

Crisper Carpetwill work non-stop in your refrigerator drawers to maximize the shelf life of fresh fruits and vegetables. Increasing the shelf life allows you and your family to enjoy more of the foods you love and waste less.

Crisper Carpet is a Patented Product.

Shopping for food takes up a large portion of our monthly budgets. Fruits and vegetables are an important part of the family's monthly food budget. How many times have you stocked your crisper drawers with fresh produce only to throw away a large portion of it days later?  Throwing away food is a waste of hard earned dollars.

Crisper Carpet can help you stretch your food dollars!
STOP wasting food and money and put Crisper Carpet to work for you!

*Results may vary depending upon the amount of produce purchased over the same period of time.

Crisper Carpet is a Patented Product.