The Crisper Carpet Story....


The weekly grocery ritual:

Bring home fresh produce.

Throw out all the spoiled produce.

Clean the "goo" from the bottom of the crisper drawers.

Put fresh produce in crisper drawers wherever it fits.

Cross your fingers the produce stays fresh more than a few days.

Move on to next task at hand.

Repeat ritual the following week.

Sound familiar?


Making room in my crisper drawers meant filling a bag of spoileduneaten produce and feeding it to the backyard chickens.

The chickens ate pretty good!

Always enjoying the second pint of strawberries from the Buy One, Get One sale.

The same happened with other produce in the drawers.

One bad apple really can spoil the rest of the basket

Even though the chickens benefited, I felt throwing away so much produce and money was a sin.

There had to be a better way to stop the madness!

Frustrated and tired of this weekly ritual, I experimented to create a product that is easy to use and keeps produce fresh longer. 

Different prototypes and lots of produce later Crisper Carpet was born!

The chickens don't eat as well from our refrigerator anymore, but it sure feels great not to waste food and Save Money!

Now the family, not the chickens, gets to enjoy the "fruits" of our labor.

~ JoAnne Givler, Founder Crisper Carpet, LLC.

Our produce stays fresh so much longer and we save $30 or more a month!
— Lou Ann, Texas