No Fuss Way to Keep Produce Fresh Longer

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I LOVE my Crisper Carpet! Our produce stays fresh so much longer.
— Texas
Crisper Carpet™ is definitely worth sharing with friends and family!
— Nevada
They fit my vegetable and fruit bins very nicely.
— Massachusetts
Everyone should have one of these magic carpets in their refrigerator!
— Pennsylvania

Keeps Produce Fresh Longer!

Crisper Carpet reduces excess moisture and neutralizes ethylene gas that causes produce to spoil!  

Stop the waste and SAVE money!


I came across this stand at a local little festival and figured what the heck for $20 it’s worth a try! I knew I was throwing at least that much food away possibly a week! It was the best $20 I ever spent. It’s great knowing my hard earned money isn’t going in the garbage on wasted, healthy food. I wonder where this product has been my whole life and everyone should have these magic carpets in their refrigerator! I will forever be a customer!!!
— Jen, Bethlehem, PA