Keep Produce Fresh Longer

Refrigerator bin liner

that keeps your fruits and veggies fresh longer

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How come the strawberries are already rotten? You just bought them this weekend! And look at this lettuce. It’s uneatable!

Here goes your money into the garbage can again. And now your refrigerator is a mess.

Stop wasting food with Crisper Carpet™ - a crisper drawer liner that keeps your produce fresh longer. Crisper Carpet:

  • Is not a foam pad and is made from a proprietary blend of natural materials surrounded by FDA compliment mesh

  • Absorbs excess moisture and ethylene gas

  • Saves space and keeps your refrigerator bins clean

  • Contains no chemicals or artificial additives

  • Is washable and recyclable

  • Requires no maintenance

  • Made in USA

  • Lasts for 6 months

Want to keep your produce fresh longer?

Enjoy all of your “buy one, get one free” strawberries, stop wasting your lettuce with Crisper Carpet - a refrigerator bin liner that keeps all of your produce in your fridge fresh longer.

Limited offer: Free shipping. Save at least $5.25 with the code FREESHIP!

“After one week, the veggies were as fresh as the day we bought them”

I often buy way too many vegetables and end up throwing them out. But I was more than pleased with my crisper carpet! The veggies were as fresh after a week as they were the day I bought them.

Jennifer, Pennsylvania

“We save over $30 a month!”

What a great product! Our produce stays fresh so much longer and we save $30 or more a month! Being only the two of us we feel a larger family would save even more!

Lou Ann C., Texas


 Better than a container or a produce bag!

Your fruits and veggies start to rot because of the excess moisture and ethylene gas they produce while ripening.

Containers and veggie bags are ineffective against the moisture and gas. And special paper and desiccants may contain allergens or chemicals. Plus, they must be replaced frequently, which becomes expensive.

Crisper Carpet produce drawer liner is a better alternative to produce bags. It’s made from a proprietary blend of natural materials surrounded by FDA compliment mesh.

It’s not a foam pad, but a liner that absorbs excess moisture and captures ethylene gas neutralizing the two main reasons produce spoils.

Crisper Carpet contains no chemical additives, and needs to be replaced only once in 6 months. And it also doesn’t waste any space like those bulky containers. Just set it and forget about it while it’s keeping the produce in your refrigerator bins fresh.

Frequently Asked Questions

“How much longer does my produce stay fresh?”

Some Crisper Carpet fans report that their produce looks as fresh after a week as the day they bought it. But how much longer your produce will stay fresh depends on how fresh it was when you bought it.

One thing for sure: Once you get your produce in your produce drawer in the fridge, Crisper Carpet will absorb excess moisture and ethylene gas. Removing the two main reasons produce spoils guarantees that your fruits and veggies will stay fresh longer.

“Do I need to take special care of my Crisper Carpet?”

You place it in your crisper drawer and you forget about it for the next 6 months. If it does get dirty, hand wash the liner in a mild dish detergent using cold water, rinse clean and allow to dry before putting it back in your crisper drawer.

“How much money do I save with a Crisper Carpet?”

If the fruits and veggies that end up in the trash cost you at least $1 a week, Crisper Carpet will save you money. Why? Because you only need two double packs of Crisper Carpets a year (one carpet for each drawer), which is just $42.40.

Divided by 52, this makes it less than a dollar a week to enjoy all of the “buy one, get one” strawberries, keep the lettuce crunchy, and keep the mold away from the carrots.

“When does my Crisper Carpet start to work?”

Your Crisper Carpet starts to work the moment you put it in your refrigerator bin. Get one now so the fruits and veggies you buy next time will stay fresh longer.