Does this sound familiar?

You bring home fresh fruits and vegetables from your trip to the store. But you can’t put them in your fridge just yet. First, you need to throw out all the rotten lettuce, moldy strawberries and shriveled up bell peppers, and clean the yucky mess from the bottom of the crisper drawers.

Another task on your list and another week when your money lands in the trash.

This is what was happening to JoAnne Givler, a full-time working mom from Pennsylvania, too.

JoAnne Givler, inventor of Crisper Carpet™

JoAnne Givler, inventor of Crisper Carpet™

Frustrated and tired of wasting food and money, JoAnne experimented to create a product that is easy to use and keeps produce fresh longer. Different prototypes and lots of produce later, and Crisper Carpet™ was born!

“It feels great not to waste food and save money! My family eats everything I buy, and we discard very little.

But what makes me even happier is that now I can help many households do the same: Waste less and be able to spend their hard earned money on other things.”

JoAnne Givler, Founder Crisper Carpet, LLC.


Crisper Carpet keeps your produce fresh longer and helps you save money and waste less

Regulates crisper drawer environment

The inner liner regulates moisture in your crisper drawers while capturing and neutralizing harmful ethylene gas. It also resists mold and mildew.

Space saving design

Crisper Carpet is the only product on the market that lays flat on the bottom of your crisper drawers without wasting space and prevents produce from bruising.

FDA compliant mesh

The green mesh surrounding the inner liner of Crisper Carpet is compliant with FDA food grade manufacturing standards.

No chemicals or artificial additives

Crisper Carpet is an eco-friendly product that doesn’t contain chemicals, artificial additives or allergens.

Lasts for 6 month

We recommend removing the carpets every 6 months and replacing with a new set. You can recycle the used ones.

Little to no maintenance

With Crisper Carpet, you won’t find a yucky mess in your crisper drawers anymore. What little may be on them can be easily removed when dry.

In case your carpet becomes soiled:

  • Hand wash in mild detergent and cold water

  • Rinse clean with cold water

  • Lay carpets flat to dry

  • Return to crisper drawers when completely dry.


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How to get the most from your Crisper Carpet

Crisper Carpet is easy to use. Just put it in your crisper drawers and forget about it. Yet, there are some things to keep in mind when putting your produce in your crisper drawers.

To help Crisper Carpet work its magic:

  • Make sure your produce is dry before you put it into the crisper drawers.

  • Free tightly wrapped produce from plastic and place it directly on the carpet.

  • Cut slits in bags of prepackaged items (for example, loose leaf lettuce) before placing them in your crisper drawer.

  • Use only vented containers with your Cripser Carpet (for example, like those sold holding strawberries).

  • If possible, place fruits and vegetables in separate drawers because fruits spoil faster.

  • Don’t overstock your drawers.

  • Keep your refrigerator clean.

  • Replace your Crisper Carpet every 6 months.